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Friday, November 23, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs International Videos of Nov 23 Episode - 11

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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa little Champs 23th Nov Episode

We have already got top 11 Little Champs in Saregamapa.. This week one more Lil Champ will get eliminated but before that we must know who gets to the Top 3 this week.. This week in Saregamapa Little Champs the chief guest is going to be none other than Asha Bhosle.. (wow thats going to be treat for the little champs and obviously us the audience..) So lets begin with the update of Saregamapa Lil Champs Episode 11.. The show begins with Aditya greeting everyone ad welcoming both the judges of the show.. He says the celebrity judge today needs no introduction and asks the viewers to guess who it will be with the performance by him and the litte champs. Aditya and the top 11 contestants sing Duniya mein logon ko dhoka kabhi ho jata hain. All the boys are wearing a mask.. Aditya gives a hint - She is the most experienced one in th SRGMP family.. She came in Challenge 2007.. Aditya tells the name to the contestants in one of the contestants ears.. And he pass it to all of them.. Vaishali and Tanmay go backstage to bring Asha tai.. Aditya asks Asha Tai to say something.. She says, They are like my grand chidren.. You all are singing filmy music now, but you should also start learning classical music so that you can sing with ease even when you are 60 yrs old.. Theme for today - Ashaji’s songs Rohanpreet is the first contestant.. Comments from Mentors Suresh - B+ Grade - Your performance was not upto the mark.. You could have done better.. Sonu - A Grade - I liked your performance.. But when there are singers like Ashaji sitting in front of you, you tend to give out weak performances.. Ashaji - I agree with Sonu.. Even I used to face the same problem when I used to sing with Latadi.. And there is TV, camera, audience.. You did a good job.. Anamika Chowdhry sings churaliya hain tumne jo dil ko (yaadon ki bhaarat) Comments from Mentors Sonu - A Grade - You have good potential.. But today you were not good while controlling your breathe.. He first gives B+, then gives A Suresh - B + Grade - You were not in form.. Though you are in lil champs, you do everything as an elderly person.. So, we need to also judge like that.. Today, give you B+ Asha - Your voice was flat.. Asha Tai sings 2 lines and asks her to understand the lyrics.. For keeping the breathe control, you need to practice OM.. Also adds that Every singer has their own style.. I dont know how to give marks and keep one in number one and the other in low ranking.. Vaishali sings jab chaaye mera jadoo.. Comments from Mentors Sureshji - A+ Grade - Bhoothnath, you sang very well today.. You sang with fun and also danced.. Sur was low in the end.. but I wont cut your marks.. Sonu - A+ Grade - Vaishali and Sonu talk in sign language.. Sonu says she sang very well.. He says you are cheating us.. You are much much elder to what you are saying.. She says you ask my mother, she is sitting there.. He points at her sister and asks, is she your mother? Then says, you sang well today.. gives A+ Ashaji - Sureshji calls you chimney, meaning bird.. You sang very well today.. Sagar Phadke sings lekar hum deewana dil (yaadon ki bharat). Comments from Mentors Sonu - A Grade - I am a fan of your style and voice.. But today you did not sing well.. Suresh - A Grade - He asks Sagar, while fixing the scale, do you sing in the low scale and try if you can sing? He says yes.. You need to keep a low scale so you can sing much better.. Ashaji - she asks him to sing half note lower.. he sings.. you need to practice kharaj.. Then you can sing both low and high notes very well.. Loria Doshi sings katra katra from Izzazat.. Loria asks Ashaji to sing with her.. she says, usually the scale of the kids are higher.. I will see if I can match with it and then sing.. Comments from Mentors Sonu - B Grade - He asks how she was. She says - I am fine, but my throat is not fine.. You did not sing well.. There are lot of harkatein, which you did not sing. Suresh - B+ Grade - I will give you grace for your illness.. Ashaji - I am singing for the past 65 years and whenever I have sore throat, my singing also gets disturbed.. Practice more.. You are a good singer.. I would have given more marks from what the judges have given you today Smita Nandi sings oh mere sona re from teesri manzil. Comments from Mentors Sonu - A Grade - Start was good.. Effort was good.. But made mistake in the end. but you somehow realized it.. Gives A Suresh - You are a good singer, but you must give correct Sur.. Ashaji - Smita and Ashaji speak in Bengali (Dont know what they spoke ) She then says - you might have prepared this song urgently and not given time.. Smita says yes.. Its seen in your performance because there are lot of murkhiyaan which you did not sing.. You can improvise the song, but do it on higher edge Aamir Hafeez sings kabhi toh nazar milao. Comments from Mentors Suresh - A+ Grade - You sang very well today.. But you forget the lyrics.. Avoid that.. Gives A+ Sonu - A Grade - Asks why do you forget? He then asks him do you go to school? do you learn well? are you zero in studies? He says yes.. That is why you are unable to remember the lyrics but you sang well.. (While giving marks he imitates Adnan):lol: Asha - You sang well.. Asha tai and Aamir sing 2 lines.. Vasundhra sings aaiye mehrabaan. from Howrah Bridge. Comments from Mentors Sonu - A Grade - The sentuality was missing.. Expressions were not good.. You could have done better.. But you sang well.. Gives A as you sang in sur Suresh - A Grade - Vasundhra, you were leaving sur, I did not enjoy as much as I usually do.. Vasundhra starts crying.. Now Sureshji asks - How can I stop your tears now? Sonu and Ashaji sing Rona kabhi nahin rona.. Vasundhra says - My tears will stop once you give me good grades… Sonu says she is very naughty :lol: Ashaji - This is a very difficult song.. You can always sing after hearing the song, but to give the same harkatein is tough.. I wish, when you grow up and sing classical music, you will become kishori Amonkar.. Vasundhra says 4 lines for Ashaji: aapke nagme gaa saku, aisi awaz kahaan se laun aapke gaane sun saku, aise saaz kahaan se laun Yun toh tareef sabki karte hain, lekin Ashaji ki tareef karne, alfaaz kahaan se laun.. Vibhore sings Aaja Aaja Main Hoon Pyaar Tera from teesri manzil .. Comments from Mentors Suresh - B+ Grade - It wsw not fun and you were singing inside and.. You were giving very sharp notes.. Sonu - A Grade - This is a tough song to sing and we cannot expect you to sing this song.. So, considering that, give you A Ashaji - There are various harkatein which is very difficult to sing.. She sings few lines.. But you need to practice, you need to get the sur from the orchestra and maintain that.. Tanmay sings Khullam Khulla Pyaar karenge.. Comments from Mentors Sonu - A+ Grade - You always do justice to the song.. Suresh - A+ Grade - Chutkuram, you sang very well.. Gives A+ Ashaji - This is not a very difficult song.. But just like we get good food in Lucknow, you also sang well Rohit Shyam sings Choti Si Kahaani (Izzat).. Comments from Mentors Sonu - A grade - I liked your song.. Suresh - A Grade - You should have kept half note higher.. You had kept it low.. Asha - Its a very difficult song.. Just now Sonu told me that you are a classical singer.. This will help you in the long run.. Top 3 Results: Aditya asks Ashaji to say something about the top 11.. Ashaji - They are very young and they are singing well.. Those who do not make to top three must not think they are bad, they are also good and must work hard.. Sonu says, the boy who is in number 3 position, actually had to be number one and Didi also wanted but.. But he keeps forgetting lyrics.. So, he is number 3 today.. 3rd Rank - Aamir 2nd Rank - Vaishali 1st Rank - Tanmay Ashaji will be present tomorrow also (Cant wait for tomorrow episode.. I really hope no one gets eliminated tomorrow.. But I know that wont happen.. Lets just hope all perform really well and judges get confused and done eliminate anyone..