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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa little Champs 10th Nov Episode

First of all, A Very Happy and a Prosperous New Year to all.. But unfortunately on this auspicious day we will have to see one kid getting eliminated from Saregamapa Little Champs today.. Top 3 Rankers are - Vasundhara Raturi Vibhor Parashar Rohit Shyam Group Performance All little champs along with Aditya are singing and dancing on the title Rock and Roll (Bol Baby Bol) The show starts with Aditya greeting everyone in the audience and the judges.. Today’s Theme - Rock and Roll Sagar Phadke sings Ena Meena Deeka.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Sureshji - A Grade - It was good.. But at the end you lost the tempo.. Sonu - A Grade - This song is not that tough to sing.. Only Anthra is bit difficult.. Theres where you went wrong.. Anamika sings Tumse Mili Nazar To Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Sonu - A Grade - You chose a very difficult song.. There are many jumping notes in the song.. And you did some justice to the song.. Tum Pakki Singer Ho.. So atleast we can expect that much from you.. Sureshji - A Grade - You didnt sing that well.. I am not happy.. Barbie sings Gore Gore.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Sonu - Asks her to sing the Anthra again.. and without orchestra he is able to understand what she sang.. Aditya asks whether he can ask her to sing Mukhda again.. She makes a mistake again in Anthra.. and Sonu says she is not prepared.. Sonu and Sureshji says they will give her marks after listening to others.. Rohanpreet sings Oh Haseena Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Sonu - A Grade - I am really really proud of you.. this song was composed before he was born.. asks him how many times have you heard this song? Rohan says 1st time.. Sonu - it is evident.. He sang a little and pointed out where he went wrong.. Sureshji - A Grade - Sings a little to show how and where he went wrong.. Loria Doshi sings Shaka Laka Baby Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Sonu - A Grade - You sang good.. It has very difficult lyrics.. It is commendable that you can learn such song.. Overall it was a good performance.. Sureshji - A Grade - Tum Sur mein gaati ho.. But in between you took one alap.. that was wrong.. and at the end you went horribly wrong.. You need to take care of this next time you sing.. Aamir Hafeez sings Oh Jaana Keh Raha Dil.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Sonu - A Grade -Are you scared because of yesterday’s performance? Aamir says No.. Sonu gets a little agitated.. Aamir’s papa nods and asks him to say yes.. Aamir says yes he forgot couple of words.. Sonu says.. Sare Aam Jhooth Bol Rahe Ho.. Aamir says I was not well for past two days.. Sonu - Gala Kharab Hai? Par Dimag to Thik Hai Na… Then howcome you forgot lyrics? Sureshji - B+ Grade - You sing so well most of the times.. He gave him B+ and Aamir asked him to give a little more.. But he said this is competition.. and you are participant.. you forgot lyrics yesterday and even today you forgot.. We have to be fair.. Smita Nandi sings Karle Pyaar Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sureshji - A+ Grade - Fantabulous.. He show where she went wrong.. Smita sings that part.. Sureshji says I was going to cut marks for that but now I wont.. Sonu - A Grade - You sang really good.. Only Ashaji can do real justice to this song.. But you did a good job.. From today we are going to be strict.. So give A.. Sureshji’s chimni Vaishali sings Hawa Hawai.. After her performance.. Aditya says we should change the lyrics for you.. It should be Kehte hai mujhko Chimni Bhopali.. and asks her to sing.. She sings it.. kehte hai mujhko chimni bhopali.. (She is soo cute..) :lol: Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Sureshji - B+ Grade - didnt enjoy that much.. You need to sing with more energy.. Vaishali asks him to give a little more.. Sureshji says I will give you a big chocolate but scores only B+ Sonu - A Grade - It was not that bad too.. But we want you to be better.. so that when the competition moves forward we will see you singing better.. Tanmay Chaturvedi sings Kisko Pyaar Karu Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sonu - A Grade -In the last performance we asked you to improve in some areas.. and this time you did it.. it is very commendable.. Points out where he went wrong.. Sureshji - A Grade - Oye ChotuRam.. You sang really well.. and the place where you went wrong.. Sonu already pointed out.. Sayon Sen sings Aao Twist Karein.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sonu - A Grade - It was good.. Asks him who sang it.. Sayon - Kishor Kumar.. Sonu says Wah Kya General Knowledge Hai.. It is sung by Manna De.. Not KishoreDa.. Sureshji - B+ Grade - I liked it.. You were in Sur.. But there was lack of expressions.. Today it is Tota Ram’s Birthday.. Tota Ram means.. Tanmay Chaturvedi.. They bring in cake.. eggless cake.. Tanmay doesnt even eat onions and garlic.. He is now 12 years old.. (He doesnt look 12 yrs right? He is really chutkuram..) Results - Bottom 3 Aamir Hafeez, Vaishali and Barbie are in bottom 3 Aamir Hafeez gets 163 out of 200 marks Vaishali gets 147 out of 200 marks Barbie gets 138 out of 200 marks Barbie is the one who got eliminated today.. Barbie’s mother left her job so that she can accompany her to the show.. Barbie’s mom is a single mother.. and she has been raising her all by herself since she was four months old.. (Sad elimination.. :cry:) Thats it for today.. Stay tuned for videos and lots more on Saregamapa Little Champs..