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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oct 27 Little Champs Episode - 4

Today is the 4th episode of SaReGaMaPa Lil Champs International.. Remaining kids from episode 1 and 2 will perform today on stage.. and out of them 7 best little champs will be selected to move forward in the competition.. Lets hope the most deserving kids make it to competition round..

Show Starts.. All the kids are getting ready for their performance.. putting up makeup doing hairstyle… some of them are nervous.. some of them are really excited..

Aditya asks Sonu and Sureshji if they will have difficulty in chosing top 7 kids today?

Sureshji - Yesterday we had lot of problem selecting top 7 out of 14 very talented kids.. Today it will be more difficult.. Sonu - I have not heard to so many talented kids.. they are the real pride of this show.. I am very proud of them.. Lets hope this batch is equally good..

Vibhore Parashar from Delhi.. sings Phirta Rahoon.. (The Killer)

Comments from Mentors -

Sonu - I was very impressed by your last performance and after listening to your this performance I am more sure.. that you sing good.. You will definitely move forward.. Obviously I have to listen to other kids as well.. But one thing you need to work on.. is your sur.. Your sur were not right on some notes.. the competition will get much tougher on it progresses.. you need to make sure you work on your sur.. Sureshji - Tumhare High Notes Kafi Kacche hai.. you need to work on that.. if pitching is not right.. then the song doesnt sound right..

Anamika from Assam.. she writes songs as well.. she is a little poetess.. sings Shaan Se..

Comments from Mentors -

Sureshji - Superb, mindblowing, outstanding.. Sonu - It was superb performance.. I was amazed how nicely you said the dialogue in the start of the song.. It was really good..

Aditya says if they like her singing, they can give a munch to her.. So, she gets a munch as she sang well.. Sonu says he would like to give Vibhore a munch as he also sang well..

Sukanya Gupta from Delhi.. sings Wada Raha Pyaar..

Comments from Mentors -

Sonu - I have one problem with you.. Some of the notes that you sang were so good.. looked like some mature professional singer is singing.. and some notes were not good at all.. One thing.. If you come next time dont come with such face.. atleast smile.. look at other kids.. I didnt even realise when you came here and finished the song.. Sureshji - Thodasa Murjhaye Hue Lagte Ho.. Why is that? Sukanya - I am nervous due to elimination round.. but if I get chance again.. I will make sure to be better..

Sahil Solanki of Haryana.. sings Ankhiya Nu Chain Na Aave (Bandit Queen)

Comments from Mentors -

Sonu - Sahil wants him to speak in Haryana language.. as Sonu is from Haryana himself.. Sonu says its a big problem now.. I was born in Haryana.. but didnt live there.. so I dont know the language.. Just one suggestion.. You always cannot take the laathi (stick) and be serious butyYou need to have a smile on your face and make the stage yours.. If you need a munch, then you need to make this manch (stage) yours and sing..

Sahil sings some song in Haryani language.. Sonu asks whats the meaning of the song.. Sahil is so nervous.. he says its a bidai song.. mother asks her son to happily go to his Sasural (in-laws).. Sonu tried to pull his leg a little bit.. and said I did all these to bring smile on your face..

Sureshji - He says you sang well.. Aapne phat de Chakke kardiya.. Here instead of chakde phatte, he says it by mistake.. So, the atmosphere is fully filled with laughter and fun..

Utkarsha Telenga from Indore.. sings Sabki Baaratein aai.. (Jaanam Samjah Karo)

Comments from Mentors -

Sureshji - You sang good.. but your sur were not right.. One thing is to be Besura.. which is ok.. it happens to everyone.. and another is Kansura.. This thing you need to take care of in this young age itself.. or else it will become the habit.. it will never go away.. Sonu - I was going to say the same thing.. same words.. he explains what is Kansura..

Rohanpreet from Punjab.. sings Tere Bin Nahi Lagta..

Comments from Mentors -

Sonu - Is this the first time you have come to Mumbai.. Rohanpreet.. No second time.. Sonu - Punjab ki yaad aati hai? Rohanpreet - Yes.. Sonu says if you sing so well.. you will have to stay here for more time.. The mukhda that you sang was kansura.. but the anthra was so good.. that one can easily believe that this kid can definitely sing.. Sureshji - you sang really good..

Harsh Kapoor from Allahabad.. sings Ramta Jogi.. (Taal)

Comments from Mentors - Sorry to miss their comments

Arghya Naik from Oman.. sings Deedar De.. (Dus)

Comments from Mentors -

Sonu - Have you learnt music.. Arghya - No.. That is the problme.. But instead of that you sang really well.. and your overall performance was good enough.. but not like other kids who performed here.. Sureshji - explains her where she went wrong..

A very special child.. Aditya says she has not seen the rays of sun.. but is here to spread light with music.. Vasundhara Raturi from New Delhi.. sings Tumko Bhi Hai Khabar.. She is physically challenged kid who cannot see..

Aditya requests Sonu Bhaiya to sing a couple of lines of this song..

Comments from Mentors -

Sonu - you are a very good singer.. When God takes away something, he give something more.. as you will grow.. Tumhare awaz mein thairav aa jaayega.. Sureshji - Tumhari nazar jo hai sangeet ke liye bahut acchi hai.. God has gifted you with this voice and singing talent. My Blessings are always with you..

Shreya Tripathi from Bahrain.. sings Kajra Mohabbat Wala (Kismat)

Comments from Mentors -

Sureshji - You sang good.. But could have been better.. you were giving expressions with your hands and not with your voice.. Your voice was quite flat.. Sonu - The sur were good.. but you sang a very simplified version of the song.. could have done better.. dont get upset..

This kid plays six musical instruments - Sayon Sen from Delhi.. sings In Dino..

Shreya Nayak from Mumbai.. sings Naino Ki Mat(Omkara)

Comments from Mentors -

Sonu - I am ok ok happy.. Sureshji - It was just ok..

Aamir Hafeez from Bhopal, MP.. Saware.. (Bandit Queen)

Comments from Mentors -

Sureshji - You sang really good..Teach him a little bit tabla.. He gives him a munch.. Sonu - I will change your name.. Aamir Hafeez nahi Aamir Pehlvan.. you are too good.. you will definitely move ahead..

Vibhore, Sahil, Rohanpreet, Vasundhara, Sayon Sen, Anamika and Aamir Hafeez are through in this round..

So we have top 14 kids.. and the real competition will start next week..

I will see you guys soon.. Till then take care..

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