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Friday, November 2, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs International Videos of Nov 2 Episode - 5

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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa little Champs 2nd Nov Episode

The show begins with Aditya singing Yeh tera woh tara from swades.. The stage is decorated with many stars.. The kids also sing with him together. Vasundhra sings alone with Aditya on stage.. Atlast Aditya carries two kids.. Suresh Wadkar and Sonu Nigam are introduced.. Today 3 top rankers will be selected who will be selected for top 13.. Those who do not come in top 3 ranks will perform again tomorrow and one contestant will get eliminated.. The eliminated contestant will take the report card along with them.. Celebrity guest who gave Aditya the first break and that is Anand Raj Anand.. He says Its a very good program and singing here in this big platform is in itself a victory.. Suresh - Anand always spreads happiness.. wishes him good luck.. Sonu - Its rightr for Anandji to be present here because he started his first song with a kid.. Aditya announces that today is Shahrukh's birthday and so all the kids will sing songs of Shahrukh Performance: Rohit Shyam from Nagpur sings tu hi tu film - Dil se.. MD - AR Rehman.. Singers - Sonu Nigam and Kavitha Krishnamoorthy.. Comments: Anand - Himmat ki daad deta hoon.. I appreciate you for choosing such a tough song.. Bring the masti on your face.. I will mix sureshji's scoldings and Sonu's love together.. Suresh - Sur correct nahin laga.. Taal ke saath accha naata nibhaya.. B+ Sonu - He asks him to sing the alaap in the anthra.. Rohit sings and Sonu corrects him and says Alaap ka sur sahi nahin lagaa.. Have to concentrate on accuracy.. All the kids shout A+.. As he starts giving marks, he asks Rohit, are you satisfied with, C, C+, B. B+ etc.. He says he wants A+.. But Sonu says he will give A Little poetess Anamika Chowdhary.. Songs baiyri piya from Devdas. Singers - Shreya and Udit Krishnamoorthy.. MD - Ismail Darbar.. Comments: Anand - I am speechless.. your expressions, confidence is so good.. Sonu - He asks her what poem she has written.. She says I wrote a poem called sun flower. you have concentrated on accuracy and concentrated what we have advised Rohit.. Kids shout A+.. He says A Bas.. Suresh - you have done justice to the song.. But the feel was less.. you have sung very open.. so give you B+ Sayon from delhi sings tumse milke dil ka from - Main hoon na.. MD - Anu Malik. Singers - Anu Malik, Sonu Nigam, Atif.. Anand - very difficult song and I know he will sing well in future Suresh - You are a surile boy.. But before singing the next line, you have to keep in mind the next sur that you are going to take.. Gives A Sonu - i am really proud of you.. selecting this song in this age is commendable.. You have sung very well.. I would want to give you A+, but as there are many other singers to hear, Gives A. Sureshji tells Sayon - You have chosen good idol which is Sonu.. Yeh hamaare industry ke naak hain.. For which Sonu replies - Aaj ke zamane mein naak ke baare mein na baat karein toh hi accha hain Break.. Loria Doshi sings I am the best from Phir bhi dil hain hindustani.. MD - Jatin Lalit. Singers - Abhijeet and Alka Yagnik Anand - He addresses everyone and says its very difficult to sing in this big stage and its commendable that these kids sing so well.. sonu - It was not as good as you are capable. High range was not good.. Gives A Suresh - sang very well.. Energy was more and it was sounding harsh.. But you had kept the mood of the song.. Gives A Aamir Hafeez sings Jadoo teri nazar. MD - Shiv Hari. Film - Darr. Singer - Udit Narayan. Aamir says he was afraid to sing this song because it was Aditya's father who sang it.. Aditya asks why were youu afraid? My dad will not come and beat you here.. Comments: Anand - you will be one of the best stage performer in the future.. Sonu - Pehalwaan, I was afraid thinking how you would sing this song because last episode you sang a classical one and now its a typical bollywood number.. But you did a great job.. Your naughtiness, reminds me of Aditya's childhood.. But you should maintain your potential.. You are much more capable.. Gives A+ Suresh - Sur ka dhyaan hosh mein rehke gaana.. You sang in Shahrukh style.. gives A Smita Nandi sings sooraj hua matham. Film - K3G. Singers - Sonu and Alka. MD - Sandesh Shandaliya Its her and Aditya's wish that Sonu sing this song 2 lines.. Sonu sings the song.. Sonu - asks how was the song? You can also give me grade because I have a sore throat and I just tried to sing.. Anand - Sonu is a very good singer and at this age, god has given him everything yet - Sonu is very humble and learn this from him.. Suresh - Feel was less. You must keep the husk. He too sings one line.. Learn this from Sonu Sonu - your voice was different.. The smile that you are giving now, You should keep the smile on your face when you sing the song.. gives A Break... Aditya announces that Total prize money is 45 lakh and that is sponsored by Kids Zee Vasundhra sings tauba tumhaare yeh ishaare. film - chalte chalte. Singer - Abhijeet and Alka. MD - Jatin Lalit. Comments: Anand - dekhti mann se hain aur bolti muh se.. You have kept the soul in song. God bless you Sonu - Your performance has so much truth and your voice has good harkatein, murkhiyaan bahut acche hain.. lots of wishes givesn A+ Suresh - He asks do you take formal training? she answers yes.. then he says Tanpure pe baithke riyaaz lagao.. For 6 months, just practice Sa in the scale that suites you.. Then Ri will come automatically.. He forgets to give the marks.. Vasundhra asks him to give points.. He says I am sorry, I forgot and then gives A Sagar Phadke sings tu yaar tu hi. Film - Phir bhi dil hain hindustani. Singers - Sonu Nigam and Alka. Anand - why didnt you have the masti?? You are in blue, lekin phadke kyun nahin aaye? You need to have the energy and keep the masti.. Sonu - Confidence level was not good.. There was some worries keep the confidence level and keep accuracy. He did not smile so, he should not get more marks na.. He asks him to promise that from next time, he will keep that smile and gives A Suresh - Beech mein sur hilta hain.. You should not leave the Sur after catching it.. Gives A.. Barbie from Himachal sings raat ka nasha abhi film - Ashoka. MD - Anu Malik. Singer - Chitra Aditya says - you are looking so cute.. Anand - you started of well, but you made mistakes.. I was feeling bad for you because you have made mistakes.. If you had not made it, I would have straight away pressed A+ and wouldnt have asked Sonu also.. Suresh - you have to word very hard. you can sing much better than this. Gives B+ Sonu - If we ignore the mistake that you made, this is one of the most appropriate performance of today.. Gives A Aditya announces next to come is - Sureshji ki chimaney. Vaishali from Bhopal.. She sings Aaj ki raat from Don. Singer - Sunidhi Chauhan. Comments: Anand - You are so cute and sang very well.. Sureshji - Chimaney, you sang well.. But sur mein bhi dhyaan do.. Gives A Sonu - I would give you A, keeping in mind your age.. Rohanpreet sings laivi na gayi from chalte chalte. MD - Jatin Lalit. Singer - Sukhwinder singh. He forgets some lines and Sonu prompts him the words.. Comments: Anand - You sang with full energy. Very nice Sonu - Why were you afraid? How did you remember the lines? Did my prompting help you? He says yes.. Sonu says then say thanks.. Rohan says thanks.. Sonu adds - Your confidence is lacking.. Gives A Suresh - Chakde Phatte!! sang well.. gives A Tanmay chaturvedi sings rock n roll soniye.. Film - KANK. MD - SEL. Singers - Shankar Mahadevan, Shaan and Mahalakshmi Iyer. Anand - very good performance. original singers will be proud of you. You kept a long breathe between the lines. very good.. suresh - You held your breathe for so long that I thought it will be breathless.. gives A+ Sonu - Yours is the best performance today.. You should get A+++.. He gives A+ Sahil Solanvi sings Mitwa from KANK Anand - this song is very difficult and you sang with ease. you needed to keep the masti Suresh - it was not a prepared song. B+ sonu - why do you worry? You should be happy that you have come so far and keeping the name of Haryana.. He cries.. Aditya takes him to judges and they all hug him.. Sonu says, you have the potential and can sing well.. dont worry about this.. Gives A Chhote Don Vibhore from Delhi sings Don title song. Film - Don. Singer - Shaan. Comments: Anand - Sang well Suresh - You have a powerfull voice. good style. But concentrate on sur.. Gives B Sonu - you have potential, but like Sureshji said, concentrate on sur.. Gives B+.. Vibhore also cry and Sonu asks him to smile like Shahrukh and Vibhore says says Vibhore ko harana mushkil hi nahin, namumkin hain.. Now for the results: Ranking: No.3 is Aamir Hafeez No.2 is Vasundhra No.1 is Tanmay.. They give a medal and a gift for the top 3 contestants.