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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa little Champs 3rd Nov Episode

Today is the first elimination episode of Saregamapa Little Champs.. Today 1 of the little champ will get eliminated from Saregamapa.. Yesterday Tanmay Chatterjee, Vasundhara and Aamir Hafeez were Top 3 rankers in Saregamapa Little Champs.. and so they are already in Top 13.. so rest of the 11 little champ will compete again today and 1 from them will get eliminated.. Group Performance.. All the little champs sings Chain Kuli Ki Main Kuli Ki Chain (Masti..) Theme for today Masti Songs.. Aditya says this little champ was never good in studies.. but her parents made her little genius.. Loria Doshi from Jaipur.. sings Mauja Mauja (Jab We Met) Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sureshji - A+ Grade - This is getting more and more difficult.. It will be difficult to eliminate 1.. You are superb.. Sonu - A+ Grade - There is something in you.. I am not talking about how you cleared 12th in such a small age.. But when you sing.. there is something special.. the type of faces you make is a sign how dedicated you are.. Loria says.. she was very nervous before this performance.. and shows how her dad is crying.. Sonu says.. he is emotional because he is remembering every details.. how she grew up and all.. Aditya - this little champ does so much masti that his mommy is asked to come to school every now and then.. Sagar Phadke from Kalyan, Mumbai.. sings Fanna Fanna Yeh Dil Hua (Humko Deewana Kar Gaye..) Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sonu - A Grade - You always do masti.. then how come when you sing you dont have that masti on your face.. Why do you get nervous? Sureshji - A Grade - You sang good.. but you made some mistakes in high notes.. you need to take care of your sur.. Aditya introduces another little champ.. says he is here with a masti song.. but he never does masti in his life.. :lol: Sahil Solanki from Haryana.. he sings Masta Calandar.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sureshji - B+ Grade - Did you forget something in between.. Sahil says - Gala Beth Gaya tha.. Sureshi- Its ok.. happens.. but you did couple of mistakes in song.. Sonu - B+ Grade - this is a very difficult song to sing.. Three singers have sung the same song.. One after one line comes up.. and you alone sang this song.. So it was good.. but yes you did some mistakes.. Smita Nandi from Tripura.. sings Bindaas.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sureshji - A Grade -Bahut Hi Bindas Gana Gaya Aapne.. Sing like this.. and I can see you going really far.. Sonu - A Grade - One word that you sang.. was really good.. Smita says I want to give credit to Vasundhara.. she taught me.. how to do it.. Everyone claps for Vasundhara.. But one place you went horribly wrong.. Or else we both would have given you A+ Barbie from Himachal.. sings Aye Chori Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sonu - A Grade - You have a very nice voice texture.. You have a modern voice.. and it is perfect for this type of song.. Lets see how you perform when you get different type of songs.. Sureshji - A Grade - You sang really well.. This time all these little champs are so good and different.. I am so proud to be part of this show.. Rohit Shyam from Nagpur.. sings Khaike Paan Banaras Wala (Don - New) (wow.. he is good!) Score Card and Comments from Mentors Suresh - A+ Grade - There is nothing much to say.. Superb.. He gives A.. But Rohit asks for more and says you can give more.. Sonu - A + Grade - confidence, expressions were so good.. You enjoyed it very well.. He asks him to sing tumko ka bataye bhaiyah again because he thought there are more variations to the song and he is singing wrongly.. But Aditya says what Rohit sang was correct.. So, Sonu agrees to him because this is his father’s song and Aditya cannot sing it wrongly.. Vaishali from Bhopal.. sings Panga Na Le.. (She is so cute.. and she is sooo good..) Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sonu - A+ Grade - What was this? did you sing or performed? Vaishali says.. a little of everything.. This is called a dynamite.. Sureshji - A+ Grade - You are Bhoothnath.. and I dont want to take panga with you.. will give you straight marks.. Sayon Sen from Delhi.. sings Dekha Na Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sureshji - B+ Grade - There was a problem in sur in overall song.. You were Kansura.. you need to take care of this.. the competition is getting tougher.. Sonu - A Grade - the start of song was besura.. but you were ok in the middle.. I am not that disappointed.. Aditya - This little champ was confident he will get selected in Little Champs competition.. so he didnt cut his hair.. because he thought he will look cool on tv with this hair style.. :lol2: Vibhor Parashar.. sings Woh Mainu Pyaar Karti Hai.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sonu - A+ Grade - Tumne mujhe Kar diya Bhav Vibhor.. You sang really well.. I always had some expectations from you.. and you always sang below my expectations.. But today it was a superb performance.. Tumhare Har Galti Maaf.. Sureshji - A+ Grade - Superb performance.. asks him to do one step that he did like Dharamji.. Vibhor does it.. Rohanpreet from Punjab.. sings Soni De Nakhra Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sonu - A Grade - This is a simple song.. It is a flat song.. There are couple of lines that you just need to speak and couple where there are some Sur.. I felt you had to put in efforts to sing this simple song.. Sureshji - A+ Grade - I didnt find any problem in your singing.. It was very good for me.. Anamika from Assam.. sings Yeh Ishq Hai (Jab We Met) Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sonu - A+ Grade - You chose a very sweet song.. Vaishali selected a very nice song and performed Sureshji - A+ Grade - I am speechless.. I will give you a standing ovation.. You are ready for playback singing according to me.. Sonu says this kids are so adorable.. they all ask for A+ Grade for their own competitors.. It is like they have formed a mafia team.. and the don among them is the one with white cap.. Vaishali.. Aditya very cutely asks her to come on stage.. and asks her what did Sonubhaiya told you? She says.. Mafia Ka Don..:lol: Sonu asks her what did she ask yesterday? Vaishali says that they both share same birthday 30th July.. and wanted that either Sonu comes to her house or call her to his house on their birthday.. Sonu asks how old are you? She says 10 years old.. Sonu - are you sure? :lol: She says yes.. Aditya says close your eyes.. this is your punishement for being the don.. :lol:.. They bring in cake and they all sing.. Birthday song.. Vaishali cuts the cake and Sonu blows the candles.. They have prepared three report cards.. All three report card that are already prepared unfortunately all kids name start from S.. They are Sagar, Sahil and Sayon.. They all come forward.. Aditya hands over report cards to all three.. Sahil got 139 marks out of 200.. Sagar got 175 marks out of 200.. Sayon got 160 marks out of 200.. So Sahil Solanki from Haryana is the first one to be eliminated today from Saregamapa Little Champs.. He is crying.. (:cry:) Sonu tries to cheer him up.. and asks him not to cry.. because he actually is a good singer.. he just gets very nervous and gets scared and sings.. so it doesnt sound good.. But he is a good singer..