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Friday, October 26, 2007

Oct 26 Little Champs Episode - 3

Today is the 3rd episode for little champs.. The kids are ready to perform and judges are ready to have fun with the kids.. So, lets start this ride.. Show Begins... Contestants are shown putting makeups.. Few of them are saying competition will be tough.. All contestants are singing very well, We dont know what will happen today.. Few of them are also confident enough that they will get through.. The stage is shown.. Its looking lavish.. Contestants are standing on either side of the middle stage on the stairs.. Today is mega entrance test.. Among these contestants 14 will be selected.. The judges are called on stage.. Suresh - It will be touch.. Hope we both will select the 14.. Sonu - Last episode was just an enjoyment episode to have fun with the kids.. The actual episode begins today.. Contestants are grouped into two.. First Group: Performances Vaishali from Bhopal sings Hungama.. Sfilm - Anhoni.. Singer - Asha Bhonsle. Aditya after her performance says - such much hungama kardiya Sonu - I have a request.. Hope you dont mind.. Because I may not get the opportunity when you grow up and become very famous.. so I want to give you a hug.. Vaishali says I will never let it happen that you go down.. Suresh - First comes sur, then lyrics and then expressions.. Your expressions were mindblowing.. But you had left Sur.. See to it that you make your sur perfect.. Second Contestant: Surbhi from Rajasthan.. She is a karate Kid.. Sings kabhi neem neem.. Film - Yuva. Singer - Madhushree. MD - AR Rehman.. Suresh - I thought you will select some rough and tough song as you are a karate kid, but you have chosen a soft song.. You have to polish the song.. I feel like becoming a child again.. Sonu - voice quality is good.. you have great potential.. Your sur were much better than Vaishali but comparing your age with her, expectations from you are higher.. The alaap part could have been much better.. Loria Doshi from Jaipur sings ranjhnave soniyave mahiya ve.. Film - Taal.. MD - AR Rehman. Singer - Sukhwinder and Richa Sharma.. Sonu - Asks what does loria mean?? Ria mean Lakshmi.. But I myself dont know what it means.. Sonu says then it means LoLakshmi? He then asks how she could be studying in 12th now.. She says after 2nd, i jumped to 10th.. I didnot expect you to sing this well.. you sing faster the tempo.. So, correct that part.. suresh - I dont have anything to say.. Gaane bajaane mein jump nahin maar sakte hain.. Aapne mar diya.. But make sure to go step by step.. Fourth Contestant: Rupaali from Fijji sings Its Rocking.. Film - Kyaa love story hain. MD - Pritham and singer - Alisha. Suresh - Sur chod rahi thii.. Mazaa nahin aaya.. Sur ke saath na insafi ho rahi thi.. Work hard Sonu - I like your style.. Jumps were good.. We need to compare.. no other go.. She is not trained.. Sagar sings Jaane kya chaahe mann,, Film - pyaar ke side effects. singer - Zubuin. MD - Pritham. Sonu - attitude is good.. it seems like rock star is performing.. practice the standing notes.. Suresh - Sur ka lagaana important hain.. Asks him have you travelled in plane?? He says no.. Sureshji says - When there is a take off and landing, if the pilot leaves the control, then it will not be a smooth one.. Same way, you while taking notes, you will have to be smooth.. Aamna from Pakistan who has settled in UK. Sings kuch toh hua from Kal ho naa ho. MD - Shankar ehsaan Loy. singer - shaan and gayahtri ganjawala. Sonu - Asks Are you nervous.. She says a little bit.. She speaks in UK accent.. So, Sonu also tries to speak in that accept and asks do you want a glass of water.. He says there are lot of jumping notes in this song and you had problem singing that.. But as you are performing for the first time, we need to give you benefit of doubt.. Lets see what happens.. Suresh - He gives the example of staircase.. He says if you carefully dont keep each step in the staircase, then you will fall.. So, while taking the notes see to it that wherever there are jumping notes, you sing it carefully and take each and every step instead falling down flat.. Smita Nandi from Tripura sings Hare Rama Hare Krishna title song. Singers - Usha Utup and Asha Bhonsle. MD - RD Burman. Audience shout once more.. Sonu says - I dont mind it.. So, she is asked to perform again.. Sonu - Among all these performances, this was a professional performance.. your voice has lot of potential.. You have both high and low octaves very well.. Keep improving and in every episode you have to sing very well and must not go down in performance.. Suresh - You sang well and this song made me remember the days when this song was recorded.. I was in the chorus.. But one thing is - avoid Falsetto in the high notes.. He also adds that the dress is looking nice.. Rohit Shyam sings Albela from Hum dil de chuke sanam. MD - Ismail Darbar Aditya says Your fan following is huge after you had sung Dard-e-disco from Om Shanti Om.. And now after this song, the fan following will increase.. Sonu - In the first performance itself I had told you that you are a very good singer and that you should be in the top 3 or 4.. If you be in that stage, the level of this contest will increase.. He asks Rohit to sing the sargam again because he felt he was doing mistake.. He was singing the Raag Ahir Bhairav correctly in the song, but when it came to the sargam he was made a mistake.. He asks him if he himself had added the sargam or someone taught him.. He says his maam had taught him.. Sureshji also agrees to Sonu and says in the sargam he sang wrongly the notes of the Raag.. But he is not to be blamed for that as he says - "Mishraji kuch bhi kar sakte hain".. Maithili from Sotuh Africa sings maine kahaa phoolon se . Film - Mili. MD - SD Burman. Singer - Lata Mangeskar Suresh - You are very small and you are singing like a child while others are singing like a matured kid. But you are singing well.. You need to improve a lot.. Work Hard and then come again.. Sonu - He says to Maithili just to encourage her.. its so bad na that in child competition, you are being asked to sing like a grown-up person? But we cannot also help it because all those kids are singing like a matured person. So, its a competition between a kid and a grown-up person.. But we get attracted to your style, the hair band etc.. Sureshji says give the band to me, atleast some part of my head will be hidden Veda from Mumbai (she is a Standby Singer) sings Baiyaan na dharo from Dastak.. MD - Madan Mohan. Singer - Lata Mangeskar Suresh - In beginning, Sur was not perfect. Mukhda was not good, but anthra was good.. Sonu - Difficult compared to this age. If you had chosen an easy song then your performance could have been better.. Tanmay Chaturvedi from Lucknow from Toota Toota ek parinda from waisa bhi kuch hota hain. MD - Vishal Shekhar. Singer - Kailash Kher. Sonu - This is a great composition.. Asks him - When you sang the notes first time, did you deliberately gave that effect or your voice was shaking. He answers that his voice was shaking. Sonu says, yes because in the later stages, your standing notes were perfect. He also asks him what was he playing everytime while he was singing? He answers that from the age of one and half, he is been playing tabla, table etc. So, Sonu asks him to come to the judges table and play.. He does so.. It was really good and also says Sureshji also plays tabla and so asks him to play in the table.. Sureshji does so.. Sureshji - If I had a company of my own, I would have definitely signed you today.. But alas I cant put any contract.. Barbie from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. Film - Omkara. MD - Vishal Bharadwaj. Singer - Shreya. Oh saathi re. Suresh - You were nervous.. This is not a sad song to sing. You needed to concentrate on the shruti.. Sonu - There are two types of singing.. One where you do lot of riyaz and get your voice perfect like Sureshji and next is like me where you need to put in lot of expressions and here the voice is god gifted.. Your voice is good.. You just need to put in more expressions into the song.. Now its Time Please.. After this the results will be announced Results: Sonu and Sureshji come on stage.. Contestants are also invited.. Sonu says, we will play a game and then announce the results.. Here two words will be formed with the letters given to the participants.. So, as said each of the contestant are given a letter.. One word is Rabbits and another word is Lions.. All those contestants who form the word Rabbits will stand in one end and those who form Lions will stand on the other end.. Vaishali, Loria, Sagar, Rohit, Barbie, Tanmay and Smita form one word Rabbits with each contestant getting one letter and Surbhi, Rupaali, Maithili, Veda and Aamna form the word Lions.. Now Sonu announces that those who form the word Rabbits are winners and those who form the Lions do not get through to the next round.. Here Rabbits are winners though usually Lions win the Rabbits.. Sonu - This does not mean that they have lost, but they have to improve more.. Maithili, Rupali, Aamna and Veda's parents agree with the decision and Aamna's mom says I wanted to come to India and it was my wish which has been fulfilled through my daughter.. But its Surbhi's mother who says she should have been In.. She asks the judges whats her fault as she got good comments.. Sonu says - Yes she is good singer, but compared to Smita, Lora she did not do well.. Thats why she is not selected.. But still she is not satisfied.. The kids who lost are crying and Aditya tries to calm them down Maithili asks Sonu to sing a song. She asks the audience which song he should sing. They say Kal ho na ho.. Sonu sings Kal ho naa ho along with Maithili.. Thus, the show ends So selected participants are - Vaishali, Loria, Sagar, Rohit, Barbie, Tanmay and Smita Videos For the Episode Oct 26