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Monday, November 19, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa little Champs 17th Nov Episode

Yesterday was Children’s special episode of Saregamapa Little Champs and top three contestants were Rohit Shyam - Rank 1, Vasundhara Raturi - Rank 2 and Vibhor Parashar - Rank 3.. Today is the elimination round and one of the little champ out of Final 9 will be eliminated.. The show starts with all the lil champs along with Aditya singing Aslam Bhai.. Aditya acts like Aslam Bhai and the kids are singing..(Haila.. looks so cute) Aditya greets everyone and there is a short AV of yesterday’s episode..Today is elimination episode and today’s exam will be judged by Sureshji and Sonu.. Today’s theme - Comedy Song Vaishali sings Ande ka funda (Jodi No.1) She is wearing a dress with a coat in which an egg has been drawn.. Aditya asks her so, you have totally put yourself into the song? She replies yes.. Score Cards and Comments from Mentors - Suresh - A Grade - Sang very well.. But your lower notes were not right.. There were certain phrases which you sang very well.. He gives B+ and asks shall I give you a chocolate now? She says No.. Give me more marks.. Gives A (I just dont like this.) Sonu - A Grade - Your performance badshah.. If your sur were proper then it would have been much better.. Anamika sings Daiyaa Yeh Main Kahaan Aa Phasii (Caravan) She is dressed like a Maharashtrian.. Aditya asks her whose idea was to wear this costume? She says the one who gave me the costume.. Aditya says you look very good in this.. Score Cards and Comments from Mentors - Sonu - A+ Grade - I liked your performance a lot.. Suresh - A Grade - Fantabulous.. Mindblowing.. Superb.. Kaanch thod cricketer Sagar Phadke sings Bhagam Bhaag title song.. Score Cards and Comments from Mentors - Suresh - A+ Grade - You are a rock star.. When you were singing.. I had a feeling that you will make mistake.. but you didnt.. you were strong.. Sonu - A Grade - Your attitude is is too good.. I think when you grow up many girls may fall for you.. He starts feeling shy and says No sir, nothing like that.. Sonu asks - Why are you feeling shy? He replies with a cute smile - its not good to say like this.. Aditya says one contestant is regretting for making some mistakes..Rohanpreet sings Pyaar Karke.. (Pyaar Ke Side Effects) He forgets some lyrics in between.. but the same piece of music is played again and he sings it properly.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Sonu - A Grade - You are looking like Daler Mehendi with golden jacket.. “Sur se chadke gaaya”.. Usually this is done when you sing a Punjabi Folk song.. But when you are performing a commercial song you need to sing properly..He gives marks in Punjabi style.. But says this A Grade is a very good A.. Suresh - A Grade - “Sur ke mamle mein comedy ho gayi”.. Sonu asks him to sing the rap part again and he does.. Loria Doshi sings Ek Lo Ek Muft (Guru) Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Sonu - A Grade - It was really good.. I actually dont like the song at all.. I dont understand this song.. I can only say Chirodini after listening to this song.. after that I dont know.. (He was imitating Bappida in it):lol2: Suresh - A Grade - Without saying much I would give you A.. Surma Bhopali Aamir Hafeez sings Sahi bolt hain (Aankhein) He is dressed like a tapori with a scarf around his neck, folded jeans, orange colour shirt.. looking just like Chichi (Govinda) Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Sonu - A Grade - You are a Pataka.. When you actually started singing.. I thought you will not be able to carry off this song.. But then too you did well.. Then they talk a little bit in tapori language.. Suresh - A+ Grade - Bheedu, even I liked the song.. Tripura Ki Aandhi Smita Nandi sings What is Your Mobile Number.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Suresh - A Grade - House number, Road number, phone number all numbers were good.. Sonu - A+ Grade - This song is very special to me.. I sang it when I was very new to this industry.. Actually this song is based on Raag - Ghatodgaj Ghantadhar :lol:.. Smita gets a little confused.. then Sonu explains to her saying - all songs these days are bassed on this raag and when you meet me, I will explain to you about this raag.. Delhi’s little scientist Sayon Sen sings Main Toh Raste Se Ja Raha Thaa Aditya asks him how come you started making poisonous acids? He replies thos are all fake acids made by the sketch ink dipped in water.. and I used to fool other students in class with that.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Suresh - A Grade - Sang very well.. You made Govinda stand in front of me.. Sonu - A Grade - You sang well.. But its becoming difficult to judge you all with this song.. Aditya says its now time for me to make my request to Sonu Bhaiyah.. He asks Sonu to imitate his father Udit Narayan.. Sonu first says No then he says its Kalyug thats why he is asking me to copy his own father.. He then requests Aditya to copy himself and only then he will copy his father.. Aditya then copies Sonu when he was the host of SaReGaMa.. A small clipping of Sonu’s SaReGaMa as host is shown then Aditya is shown copying him.. He says welcome you all to little champs where the judge is Suresh Wadkar.. Sonu then copies Sureshji and says - “I wish them all luck.. Hope everyone sings well..” Now, its Sonu’s turn.. Aditya comes down from stage to hug Sonu.. But Sonu thinks he is coming to beat him and runs towards the stage.. Aditya now says you are caught and so now its your turn to copy Udit Narayan.. Sonu first says welcomes in Udit style.. Then he sings Main nikla gadi leke in Udit style and also performing in the same style which he did during Zee Awards.. (It was really funny..) Tanmay Chaturvedi sings Hum Kaale Hai To Kya Hua.. Choturam is dressed just like Mehmood along with the Hitler moustache, black Net- Banian & colourful Lungi :lol: Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Sonu - A Grade - He first asks him jokingly - What do you think of yourself? Why do you always keep your hand as if you are going to beat us? He replies that its his style and to keep with the taal, he shows his hand like that.. Sonu - At this age you are having mustache.. and seems like we are being cheated as they are sending all grown up singers in the competition.. Suresh - A Grade - You sang well.. He speaks in Mahmood style.. For the mustache give A Now time for Elimination.. Sureshji and Sonu say it was difficult to choose this time as it was comedy song special.. Bottom 3: Vaishali scored 327 out of 400 Tanmay scored 321 out of 400 Sayon Sen scored 309 out of 400… So Sayon Sen got eliminated this week..



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