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Friday, November 16, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa little Champs 16th Nov Episode

Today Top 12 kids will perform.. and we are going to celebrate Children’s day with Saregamapa.. The show beings with an AV where all the kids are shown celebrating Children’s day in Essel World.. They are having fun in all the rides.. Group Performance.. Aditya sings Nanhe Munne Bacche Tere Muthi Mein Kya Hain.. Vaishali, Tanma, Aamir and Sayon and Anamika sing along with him.. .. They leave and Sureshji comes with Loria, Smita, Rohanpreet and They sing Meri Awaaz Suno.. They leave and Sonu enters with all the kids and sings Sare Ke Sare Gama Ko Lekar Gaate Chalein.. Aditya greets everyone and announces that today is children’s day and asks the audience, do you know why? They say its birthday of Chacha Nehru.. Aditya says, its Chacha Nehru who said flowers and children are two beautiful things in world.. Aditya invites a nagin.. She is kid who acts in the serial Nagin.. Aditya asks her to do tandav.. She hands over the mike to Aditya and dances.. Theme for today - Kid’s will sing Children’s songs Surma Bhopali - Aamir Hafeez.. sings Chakke Pe Chakka.. A small AV is shown where Aamir is having fun in Essel World.. He again forgets the lyrics.. Aditya asks him what happened, why did you forget the lyrics? He says mera sur thoda theek nahin lagaa.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sonu - A Grade - Today is your day, Children’s day so I cannot cut your marks.. You may get good grades, but marks will differ.. If two gets A, then that does not mean they both get same marks.. One may get A because of 81 and another because of 89.. So, be careful.. Suresh - A Grade - I am seeing you in place of a very good singer.. I dont want to see any mistake from a good singer.. this is my friendly warning to you.. Do not make this mistake.. Tripura ki Andhi, Smita Nandi sings Uiyan Uiyan (Blue Umbrella).. A small AV is shown where she is having fun in Essel World.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sonu - A Grade - Asks how are you? You sang very well.. But could have been better.. Suresh - A Grade - I am feeling very hungry now.. You are singing in falsetto.. he makes her sing again but then he says I think you are not able to avoid it.. Vaishali sings Lakadi Ki Kaathi (Masoom)..A small AV is shown where she is having fun in Essel World.. Aditya says I used to sing this song in school and you reminded me of my school.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sonu - B+ Grade - Asks how are you? Hows the nation? How are your kids? What did you cook today? She says nothing.. Sonu says, you talk like a grown up girl, so we should also have just talks, what is the need of music and marks? She says - “Music is my life”.. You could have done better.. Kharach ka riyaz karo.. Suresh - B+ Grade - Take proper breathe at right places.. Sonu gives her an example of how will it sound if one does not take proper breathe.. Tanmay Chaturvedi sings Nanha Munna Rahi Hoon Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sureshji - A Grade - You should have sung 1/2 note higher.. and we dont sing Jai Hind.. Thats how Marathi’s sing.. Sonu - B+ Grade - Your sur were not right.. So have to grade you lower.. Gives B+ Grade. Loria Doshi - Chandu Ke Chacha Ne Chandu Ki Chachi (She is so good..) Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sureshji - A+ Grade - Loria Acchi Chutney Banai.. It was sweet and Tikkhi.. Overall it was really good.. Sonu - A Grade - Overall I am very happy with your performance.. Your expressions, style of singing and the masti that was required was in your performance.. But you sang over.. and it happens when you are performing on stage and singing in full masti.. Little Poetess Anamika sings Jadoo (Koi Mil Gaya) Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sonu - A Grade - In all the little champs.. she is one singer who has been singing consistently good.. But you need to take care of your pronounciation of R.. Sureshji - B+ Grade - Overall it was good.. But the spark was not lacking.. Rohanpreet sings Phulo Ka Taro Ka His cousin has come in the audience.. and she has dedicated the whole song to her.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sureshji - A+ Grade - You sang really good.. Makkhan Ki Jaisi Lagti Hai Tumhari Awaz.. Sonu - A Grade - You have a lot of potential.. your voice texture is really good.. Delhi Ke Babumushai Sayon Sen.. sings Chota Baccha Jaan Ke Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sonu - B+ Grade - It is difficult to judge.. If the original song was 100 then your justice to the song was only 60.. Sureshji B+ Grade - You were in Sur.. sang it with lot of conscious.. But you missed the expressions needed for the song.. Vibhor Parashar sings In Panchiyo Ko (Koi Mil Gaya) Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sureshji - A+ Grade - Jhulfe waale.. Aapne Bahut Accha Gaya Beta.. If you concentrate more you can be one of the best.. Sonu - A Grade - Your expressions and sur were really good.. I am giving you A grade.. But it is a very good A grade.. Sagar Phadke sings Raju Chacha.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sonu - A Grade - Sureshji - B+ Grade - Rohit Shyam sings Chupadi Chachi (Chachi 420) Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sonu - A+ Grade - This was the finest performance in all the performances today.. Sureshji - A+ Grade - Overall it was really good.. Points out where he went wrong.. and asks him to take care of that.. Vasundhara sings Tera Mujh Se Hai Pehla Koi Nata Koi (Wow she sings so good..) Aditya - very well done Vasundhara.. He says I have made her my girlfriend.. and she is very happy with me.. :lol: Score Card and Comments from Mentors Sonu - A+ Grade - If I were a little emotional person.. I would have surely cried.. I am chocked after listening to your performance.. Gives her B+ and says is that Ok? She says doesnt look like.. Like how you are praising me doesnt seem right.. He stops at A.. and she says.. give whatever you want.. I dont mind.. :lol: Sureshji - A+ Grade - You made me cry.. I am speechless.. Top 3 Rankers 3rd Rank - Vibhor (Wow he was there last week too.. But was on No. 2..Way to go Vibhor) 2nd Rank - Vasundhara (Cool… she was No. 1 last week..) 1st Rank - Rohit Shyam (Woh.. Rohit.. Way to go kido!) These three get a direct entry in Final 11.. and rest Top 9 little champs will perform tomorrow and unfortunately one little champ will be eliminated.. tomorrow’s theme is Comedy songs..



Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you know who the nagim girl was that danced at the beginning of the show? what's her name?

November 16, 2007 at 7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that Syon Sen sang much better than Vaishali or Tanmoy on 17th Nov '07. He has been eliminated 'coz scores of 16th was also added. If this has not been done earlier (adding up the marks of Friday & saturday), then isn't it a discrimination against him?

November 18, 2007 at 1:47 AM  

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