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Friday, November 9, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa little Champs 9th Nov Episode

Today it is going to be Diwali Dhamaka with Saregamapa Lil Champs International.. and the special guests are Vishal and Shekhar…javascript:void(0) Publish Post Our whole team wishes all our member Happy Diwali.. Have a memorable and safe Diwali.. Lets enjoy this Diwali with thi Little Kids right now.. Aditya commences the show by greeting everyone.. and says roshani ka thyohaar Diwali is back.. These little champs are going to give Suro Ka Dhamaka here on Diwali.. Aditya announces that todays guests are Vishal Shekhar They make an entry and perform the song Deewangee from Om shanti Om.. Aditya at the end joins them and also the kids come on stage and have fun.. Vishal - Happy Diwali to all and says thanks for having us here.. Shekhar - Happy Diwali to the directors, musicians, audience and everyone.. He also adds that there are many people working back stage who are not remembered but they do lot of work.. So, Happy Diwali to them.. Aditya says “Welcome Home” and asks how does it feel to be back home after a month? Shekhar - We have gone back to seventees.. (They are wearing costume of seventees era.. ) Vishal - Today Om shanti Om is getting released and so we are celebrating it in this way.. Aditya asks Sonu and Sureshji to tell something on this occasion.. Sonu - I have got opportunity to work with them and I am also a very small part of Om Shanti Om.. Shekhar - You are not a small, but big part of this film. Whoever had heard the song have said - in last 10 years we have not listened to such song.. Sureshji - They are not only MDs but also good singers.. When Shekhar was a contestant, I was also in the judge panel for few rounds. He is a very good singer and Vishal also sings well.. Sonu - Vishal is a rock star and he also looks good.. He is a very good singer and ofcourse Shekhar is also too good.. Shekhar thanks to Sureshjiji for guidance when he was a contestant.. and Vishal says the kids are lucky to have such judges and gurus for training.. Sonu says we learn from them.. They are full of talent adds Sureshji First to perform is Rohit Shyam. He is shown taking aarthi for Ganeshji.. He sings Ganeshaya from Virudh. Vishal Shekhar give standing ovation. Comments from Guests - Shekhar - You are a dynamite.. Sonu - This song is of Sureshji’s school, so after he gives the comment, I will give.. Score Cards and Comments from Mentors - Sureshji - A+ Grade - You sang very well.. the second variation that you gave in the end was not correct.. but you have made VS give standing ovation for you.. Sonu - A+ Grade - All the different type of music are like our kids of music. But more weightage is given to bollywood.. we need to give weightage to classical.. He asks how did you remember all the wordings as its full of Sanskrit.. Tripura ki aandhi Smita Nandi sings dhol bajne lagaa (Virasat). Comments from Guests - Vishal - Your expressions, mike handling mannerism is liking sunidhi.. You can also become like her, except for the fact that the Pakkad was not there in the end.. Shekhar - Good voice. look like Deepika.. Score Cards and Comments from Mentors - Sonu - A+ Grade - You sang very well.. very difficult song and I dont think you can do anything more.. Suresh - A+ Grade - I am little disappointed. your singing was dis artificial. You become Deepika or not, I want you to become Sunidhi. Smita - I was very upset that I didnot get A+ last week.. So, I took it as an challenge that today I will make my mother happy.. Delhi’s Roshini Vasundhra Raturi.. She sings Bhumbroo from Mission Kashmir. She is shown dancing in a room among diyas. Vishal Shekhar gives her standing ovation.. Shekhar comes on stage and give her hug and says I have become a big fan of yours. I am so happy to be a part of this show.. The kids are singing so well and the judges are also giving them the right comments.. Comments from Guests - Vishal - You are an inspiration for me and I am moved from heart.. Aditya asks how do you celebrate Diwali.. Vasundhra says - Diwali is celebrated after Ramji came from vanvas and I believe that light will be there after darkness.. Suresh -A+ Grade -You have told me why we celebrate Diwali.. you have become my grandmom.. There is no words for appreciation.. Your voice was not touching the high notes, but still give you A+ hoping that you will do well next time.. Sonu - A+ Grade - Says to her Mother.. you have given birth to a very sweet kid.. Aditya announces that along with Deepika, one more person has made his debut in Om Shanti Om and that is Vishal.. Vishal says, its just for a one second and it took just seven seconds for Farah to explain the role to me.. You will not even know, when I come and when I go.. But please go and watch the movie.. Dont be without watching because of me.. He thanks Aditya for bringing this out.. Aditya asks him do you walk in the film? He says Yes, I walk, talk english The whole set is decorated with Diyas, flowers, and it is grand.. It is looking absolutely beautiful.. There is 1 beautiful rangoli done on the stage as well.. Sayon Sen sings Pinjare Wali Muniya.. Comments from Guests - Vishal - Your parents call you ET because 1 thing ET is very innocent like you.. and another it had some powers.. and you too have power to sing powerfuly.. so they call you ET.. Shekhar - You sang so good.. that if you perform on a stage everyone will sing along with you.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Sureshji - B+ Grade - You did sing well.. but could have been better.. Sonu - A Grade - You sang better than last time.. this is Manna De’s song and I cannot expect you to sing it like him.. But you did good job as per your age.. Shekhar is insisting Sonu to give A grade.. So he gives A.. Aamir Hafeez sings Dholi Taaro Dhol Baaje..(He forgot some line while singing… but picked it up from there..) Comments from Guests - Shekhar - One of my friend said that there is one Little Champ Aamir.. who sang Saaware.. and he is all over internet.. his videos are made.. clip and everything is ready.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Sureshji - A Grade - What happened did you forget the song in between.. Do you write down the song when you practice? He says Yes.. Sureshji - Then you should write down where you need to take a breathe in between.. if you forget one breathe in between you go wrong in the song.. Sonu - B + Grade - You sang so bad.. I didnt expect this from you.. from the first line itself you forgot lyrics.. It was so bekar performance I dont know how will I grade you.. I am giving you B+ grade but that is also a little more.. you just deserve B grade.. Barbie sings Hulla Hullare - Aditya says, she does all her makeup by herself and asks from where she learnt? :lol: She answers - She has learnt makeup from her mother.. Comments from Guests - Vishal - I am so happy to be here.. it is so great to see how these little champs support each other.. you sang really good.. Shekhar - Your is the most powerful voice that I have heard today.. till now.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Sonu - A Grade - I like your Aadayein.. When you wanted your friends to go for chorus.. you did something with your eyes.. (Its funny..) Sureshji - A Grade - The expressions that you give with your face.. doesnt come out with your voice.. Sagar Phadke - sings Cash (Cash) The audience shout once more.. VS come on stage and sing along with him.. Other contestants also come on stage and sing.. Comments from Guests - Vishal - You sang it really well.. This song is originaly sung by many singers.. But we heard it for the first time a single person singing it on stage alone.. It was really good..I wish to hear you sing Om Shanti Om song sometime as well.. May be next time.. Shekhar - You sang it so good.. If Cash was a kids movie we would have asked you sing it for us.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Sonu - A+ Grade - You sang it really good.. Gala Phad Phad Ke Gaya.. Sureshji - A Grade - I didnt understand what you sang.. But you sang today’s generation song.. Rohanpreet sings Main Nikla Gaddi Le Ke.. He says today is my father’s birthday and I want to give this song as a gift for him.. Aditya asks what he was saying at the back stage.. Rohanpreet says.. SRK is his favorite actor and he wants to go and watch his movie along with them.. Vishal Shekhar says it will be great pleasure for us if all these little champs come along with us to watch these movies.. He asks Aditya, Sonu and Sureshji to also come along with them.. Comments from Guests - Vishal - Your energy was good.. and you made audience sing along with you.. that most important Shekhar - You sing it with great energy but.. you if you sing it with right sur.. it would have been better.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Sonu - A+ Grade - You take yourself too lightly.. If you become a little bit serious.. I think you can excel.. and I can also shower with lots of praise like I do for Aamir.. Sureshji - A+ Grade - You can do better.. I found lots of mistake in your performance today.. (Then why A+ Grade Sir?) Anamika - sings Dola Re Dola (Devdas) Comments from Guests - Shekhar - You sang it so good.. and the best thing is.. your sur were perfect.. If Ismailji were here he would have said.. 10 Marks.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Sureshji - A+ Grade - I have no words to express. Sonu - A Grade - You are one of the 3-4 little champs we have great expectations from.. so you have to do a little better.. Loria Doshi sings Dama Dam Mast Kalandar Comments from Guests - Vishal - This is a Sindhi song.. and I enjoyed listening to this song.. If I had to give marks.. A+ Grade would have been also less.. Shekhar - From all these kids.. you have the best voice.. Your voice texture is so different.. and you sang really really well.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Sureshji - A+ Grade - You sang really well.. Only last word that you sang was not clear.. Sonu - A Grade - You did couple of mistakes.. and you too realised it.. Tanmay Chaturvedi sings Nain Ladjaiye.. Comments from Guests - Vishal - You are so good.. He asked him how old are you? Tanmay - 11 years.. 11 years of age and such a powerful performanc! You had great co-ordination with these musicians as well.. It was really good.. Shekhar - You sang amazingly good.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Sureshji - B+ Grade - I didnt enjoy it a lot.. Though you made everyone dance.. but was not a very good singing.. Sonu - A Grade - Points out where he went wrong.. and where he sang really well.. Vibhor Parashar sings Tunuk Tunuk Tana Tana Shekhar - This is called a complete singer.. Vishal - By far this is the best performance of this evening.. Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Sureshji - A+ Grade - You sang really well.. and you know why? Both him and Sonu says “Baal Piche Karke Aaye Hai Na!” :lol: Sonu - A+ Grade - You sang such a fast song with so much patience.. that is the best thing you did today.. and when you didnt have to sing.. you also danced.. Vibhor says this credit should go to my Mamma.. she taught me how to sing and Rohan taught me how to dance.. Sonu asks Rohan to show how.. and Rohan and Vibhor both dance.. Vaishali sings Rangeela Aayo Re Maaro Dhol Na.. Aditya says in a very sweet kidish accent.. Very Nice Vaishali.. Why you look nervous.. she says Nahi Toh.. (These kids are soo cute..) He asks her to ask Vishal Shekhar how they liked her performance.. Vishal - It was a very nice performance.. Shekhar - You are powerhouse of Little Champs Score Card and Comments from Mentors - Sonu - A Grade - I am not that happy with your today’s performance.. He was going to give B+ Grade.. But she asked to give A grade.. and he did (Why I dont understand) Sureshji - A Grade - Bhootnath.. you didnt sing with all the energy you always do.. Top Three Rankers for this week are 3rd Rank - Rohit Shyam 2nd Rank - Vibhor Parashar 1st Rank - Vasundhara Raturi..



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