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Friday, October 19, 2007

Oct 19 Little Champs Episode - 1

Here we are with another series of Saregamapa.. Saregamapa Lil Champs International.. Sonu Nigam and Suresh Wadekar are going to judges for Lil Champs International.. 28 new kids chosen from 6 different countries are going to compete on this stage for the ultimate title of Saregamapa Lil Champ International..

So lets start with the written update of 1st episode of Saregamapa Lil Champs International..

The show starts with a small recap of Saregamapa Little Champs finale.. The preparations kids did for the show, their meeting Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Lata Mangeshkar, SRK announcing results, some of the memorable performances - Sameer singing Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi, Diwakar - Mausam ki ada badli and Sanchita - Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.. There is some voice announcing that all these 3 finalists of Saregamapa Little Champs - Sanchita, Diwakar and Sameer will start the new series of Saregamapa Little Champs International.. All these 3 finalists perform on the song they sung for Bal Ganesha in the Andheri Complex, where Saregamapa Challenge 2007 grand finale was held..

Aditya Narayan is going to host Lil Champs International.. He announces from across 5 continents and 10 countries, little champs have been selected for the competition.. and says after the seniors it is time for juniors to showcase their talent on such a huge platform..

Time to Introduce Judges

First Judges is Suresh Wadekar..

Suresh Wadekar - Says he will sing a song which will make you all sing with me.. he asked if the kids will support him.. he sings Chappa Chappa Charka Chale from Machis.. One thing… the audience for this show are kids and they all are dressed in their school uniforms.. Aditya says “We all are glad to have you back on Saregamapa.. What will you like to say today?” Sureshji - I have been associated with Saregamapa since the time when Sonu was the host of the show.. my wife Padma was a participant then.. I have watched the previous series of Lil Champs and was so impressed by kids talents.. and I have heard all the kids who have been selected for this series are also really good singers..

Second Judge is Sonu Nigam

He is back with Saregamapa after a long gap of 8 years.. he started his career as a host of Saregamapa.. and was a host for 5 long years… A voice briefs on Sonu Nigam - Sonu started singing with his father Arun Kumar when he was just 3 years old (wow.. can you believe that?) He got the right platform that is SaReGaMaPa.. He was host for the show for 5 years and after then now he is back with Saregamapa after a gap of 8 years.. A small AV of his journey on Saregamapa is shown.. He got loads of offer to sing in movies when he was a host and now everyone wishes to be just like him.. He kept his promise with Saregamapa and is back here as one of the judge for Lil Champs International.. There is a live band on the stage.. Sonu makes a grand entry.. and sings Tumko Paaya Hain Ki Jaise Khoya Hoon from OSO..

Sonu Nigam - I dont know where to start.. this has been a huge achievement of music and this proves how people want more and more music.. says it has been a long journey.. AV of how auditions were done.. there were many kids who came up for the auditions.. some kids were crying as they were not selected.. Aditya announces today is only going to be introduction round for kids.. and there will be no eliminations today.. First Performances by Central and North India selected Kids - Utkarsha from Indore sings Man Saat Samandar.. some kids are dancing at the back on the stage along with the performance by the kids.. Sahil Solanki from Chandigarh, Haryana.. sings Ae Meri Zoharajabeen.. (Phir Hera Pheri) Vibhore from New Delhi… Tujhe Lage Na Nazariya - Sonu is enjoying his performance and clapping for him..

Aditya calls upon all three participants on the stage for comments -

Comments from Judges

Sonu Nigam - This is the first time these kids are performing.. and we are meeting them for the first time.. I dont want to comment or give marks at this time.. Vibhiore was enjoying his performance.. rest of them were nervous.. but its ok it is their first performance..

Suresh Wadekar - You all sang really well.. all the best..

For break.. now its is Time Please.. (interesting..)

Next set of 3 kids..

Loria Doshi from Jaipur.. She is just 12 years old and is studying in 12th standard.. (I never heard something like this before..) Her name is in Limka books of records.. she sings Kay Sera Sera from Pukar

Vasundhara from Delhi sings Sajnaji Vari Vari Jaooji Re.. Aditya says she is a special kid..

Sukanya from Delhi sings Piya Tu Ab To Aaja

Comments from Judges

Suresh Wadekar - I cannot believe it.. they all are so talented.. I am speechless.. Sonu Nigam - We just got settled in our chairs.. and these kids are throwing bombs after bombs.. It is going to be so difficult to select or reject any of them.. If this is the start.. I dont know what will happen in the later stage..

Time Please…

Lil Champs from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Bhopal…

Aamir Hafeez from Bhopal sings Yaar Ko Meine from Sheesha.. Aditya says they have named him Surma Bhopali..

Rohanpreet from Patiyala sings Chak De Phattey (Khosla Ka Ghosla)

Barbie from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh sings Chori Ki Baatein (Fight Club).. Aditya announces she is a real baby doll..

Comments from Judges

Sonu Nigam - All these kids are not all at nervous.. we are infact inspired by them.. Suresh Wadekar - You all sang really good.. Please give a round of appluade for all these kids..

Sonu says this is the way Sureshji expresses his love.. he gets really emotional and expresses less.. But from inside he praises and even now he was talking to me about these kids and praising their talent a lot..

Aditya asks the audience to give a round of appluase for all these kids..

Surabhi from Kota, Rajasthan sings Seekhle (better than Mauli)..

Vaishali from Bhopal Yaire Yaire (Rangeela) she is the youngest Lil Champ in the competition..

Tanmay Chatturvedi from Lucknow sings Jeene Ke Hai Char Din.. He is another youngest contender of Lil Champs..

Comments from Judges

Suresh Wadekar - These kids have made this competition so difficult.. each one of them are singing better than the other.. Sonu Nigam - I am so happy to see so much talent.. I was also thinking that it is going to difficult as everyone is singing better than the other.. but it would have been so much more difficult if they were not singing good.. It would have been really difficult to listen to them.. if they were not singing good enough.. As time will pass.. they all will become better and polished.. and we will be able to listen them singing way better than what they are right now..

The audience in the show today are from Ryan International (Mumbai) and St. Xaviers school (Mumbai)..

Aditya announces that kids want Sonuji and Sureshji to sing on the stage.. Sonu and Suresh come on the stage.. Sonu asks Sureshji to sing his favorite song Chod Aaye Hum Woh Galiyaan.. Sureshji sings Chod Aaye Hum Woh Galiyaan (Maachis).. Sonu sings along with him.. Sonu sings Jeene Ke Hai Char Din.. Aditya, little champs and audience also sing along with Sonu..

Tomorrow we are going to see Little Champs from Maharasthra, Bengol and North East.. and Little Champs from 9 other countries..

Here are videos of the very first Episode of Little Champs Interantional



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Very Cool. Great work.

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Besr programme Zee has given,you will get tired but always like to hear evenif repeated 5/7 times

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